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Hello! We are John & Heather Stapleton

Whether you would describe your dream wedding as elegant or casual, lavish or intimate, all couples truly want their weddings to be one thing: memorable. Your day is uniquely yours and it will be full of moments you will want to savor forever. For more than 25 years, it has been our honor and privilege to photograph hundreds of amazing weddings and countless beautiful memories.

We aim for the heart, not just with the photographs we capture, but with the way we connect with you. Getting to know you is important to us because it allows us to discover the details that make your day unique. As a couple ourselves, we love spending time finding out about your style, how you met and things you like to do. It is important for us that you feel at ease so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

John and Heather would like you to know a little about them too, and why their love for photography is at the heart of their love story. An experienced photojournalist and wedding photographer, John loved his craft and wanted to share it with others by teaching photography. Heather had just bought a new camera and signed up for a photography class. It turned out to be John’s class! Neither knew how through that chance meeting their futures would later become so intricately linked. With John’s assistance, Heather discovered her love for photography. John’s business continued to grow, while Heather started her photography career as Timeless Memories. They later found themselves falling in love, both with each other, and with their love for photography and working together.

Along with our passion for photographing weddings, family portraits and capturing intimate moments for so many others, we love traveling and experiencing all life has to offer. We have been skydiving, scuba diving, hiking, biking, kayaking and snow skiing around the world, and our cameras come with us everywhere. Our travel experiences have taught us to be prepared for anything and to see the beauty in some of the most surprising places that others may never look. The same holds true for our wedding and portrait photography. We love capturing the beautiful surprises we find within all our couples.

The seamless, unspoken connection we share means we can look at each other from across the largest wedding spaces and instantly know what each other is thinking. Through this silent communication, we find that perfect angle of light or fleeting tear from dad that you could never recreate. Capturing the beauty in both the planned and the spontaneous is the key to telling your beautiful story.

Let’s continue this conversation. We want to know your story so we can spotlight the important moments you’ll want to relive for a lifetime.

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