What an honor to have you browse through our home on the net! We are John & Heather , and together we form the Stapleton Photography duo.

Photography has been such an important part of our lives and the reason we met! We truly aim for the heart, not just with the photographs we capture, but with the way we connect with you. Getting to know you is important to us because it allows us to discover the details that make your day unique.We love spending time finding out about your style, and understanding your vision for the most important day of your life, after all, you only get to live it once and we want it to be the best day ever!
                                                          XOXO, Heather & John

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Client experiences

What I love most about photographing with Heather, I get to work with my best friend. I am always so impressed on how Heather greets everyone with the most excited, warm and sincere hello's and if she has met you before she will always remember your name. Heather absolutely loves people and loves getting to know them and not just at weddings, she is like this with everyone, anywhere. I once saw her in a small town in France having what appeared to be this great conversation with this young lady in a tiny shop. They were both laughing and carrying on like old friends. When they were finished, I asked Heather what the two of you were laughing about so much? She grabbed me by the hands, leaned in real close and whispered "I have no idea, she only spoke French! But isn't she darling?" Heather truly loves being with other people and engaging in their joy. Just wait till you meet her, you will see exactly what I mean!  - John Stapleton

John is my favorite person in the whole world! I love being with him whether we are photographing a wedding, traveling or just sitting, relaxing beside our Koi pond we built together. John's degree is photojournalism and he has been photographing ever since, long before digital photography was even a thought. John is one of the most adventurous, overachievers I have ever known. He is a captain with the Tulsa fire department, helicopter rescue swimmer, pilot, master scuba diver and a pretty good handyman and is always there whenever anyone needs a hand. I love that John is a people person, like me. We absolutely love photographing weddings together and are great teammates. From opposite ends in a large cathedral, we can look across and know what the other is thinking with just a glance. I can not tell you how blessed I am to work with John, not only is he an amazing photographer he is also the love of my life and most wonderful husband to me.
- Heather Stapleton.

Heather and I have been blessed to travel the globe and photograph weddings in some of the most amazing locations. From castles in the country side of Ireland, to the top of Rockefeller Center in New York City,  to the vineyards in California and the beautiful tropical islands of the Caribbean. yet some of our most memorable weddings were photographed right here in our own great state of Oklahoma. 

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